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Are You New To Shooting

Many of you in 2020 & 2021 have decided to purchase a firearm for some reason or another for the first time in your lives. As a believer in the 2nd Amendment I 100% agree with the right to bear arms. One thing I want people to realize is you should not just rush out and purchase a firearm. Purchasing a firearm is a lot like getting your first car. Remember when you bought your first car?You had to do research on it, test drive it, and check out the good and bad options of owning it. This is the same thing with owning a firearm.

DO NOT just go into a store and purchase a firearm without first doing research.

DO NOT go into a store and purchase a firearm without knowing the basic information on the firearm. Know if you can pull the slide back. Are you able to load the magazine?

Try and shoot the firearm or a smiling one before purchasing it. You want to make sure the caliber of firearm you purchase is not to powerful that you cannot handle it.

Get training. The most important thing with owning a firearm is to know how to safely use it, clean it, and secure it.

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