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Many different AR-15's in stock. Get a custom one built, add accessories, or just pickup a blank lower and build your own.

April 12

We will be opening in 30 minutes. We will close at 1230pm today to update inventory and reopen at 3pm. New guns and inventory in stock.

New Firearms In Today

Glock 22 40 cal w MOS $700 Diamondback DB9 9mm $300 Glock 19 $645 Springfield Hellcat 9mm $575 Ruger LCP II 380 $350 Glock 45 9MM MOS $700


We just received 2 GFORCE 12GA Shotguns. Both are pump shotguns. 20" with pistol grips 1-GF3PG1220 $300 This shotgun has a rail and you...

Happy Easter

We hope everyone has a great Easter. We will open tomorrow at 9am promptly. This week we will be getting a dozen new handguns in. If this...


10 blank lowers coming in next week. Also 3 complete builds will be coming in. All I can say is 8 lowers went this week. If you are...

Arrivals Today

Mossberg 9mm MC2C compact SCCY CPX Pink 9MM S&W M&P 9mm Shield Plus night sights. 2 Glock G19 Gen 5 1 Glock G28 Gen 5

Firearms in Stock

2- Glock 43 2- Glock 28 1- Glock 17 1-Ruger SR22 1-Phoniex Arms HP22 1-Ruger Security 9 M&P Shield EZ 380 M&P Bodyguard 380 Sig Sauer...


Looking for an AR-15? We are doing custom builds. This unit here cost this customer $1200.


Training will begin next week, weather permitting. Set your appointments up now. We supply the firearms and...

Firearms in stock

2-Citadel 12GA 1 Semi 1 Pump 1 GForce 12 GA Pump 1- Rock Island Armory 12 GA Pump 1- Rock Island Armory 12 Ga 2 barrel w pistol grip 1...

Glock News

We having Breaking News here at Lady Liberty. We are now listed as a Glock Stocking Dealer. Guns will start arriving next week. We have a...


22 Magnum in stock 40 Cal 38 Special 357 45 Auto 12 GA Slugs various type .223 5.56 5.56 Green Tip All handgun ammo is one box per person...


Definitely no 9MM, 380, 22lr this week. Not sure yet on 45 Auto.


No new ammo coming this week. We have the following in stock. Everything else is gone. 40 Cal 38 Cal 12Ga Slugs .223 5.56 5.56 Green Tip 308

Are You New To Shooting

Many of you in 2020 & 2021 have decided to purchase a firearm for some reason or another for the first time in your lives. As a believer...


Ammunition is getting very limited. Tomorrow we open at 9am. We have no 9mm in stock except HP and specialty ammo such as Hornady,...


Ammunition will be limited this week. 1 box of 9mm, 22, 38, and 45 per person. 40 cal 2 boxes per person. We have cases of .223 & .556 in...

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