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Firearms in stock

2-Citadel 12GA 1 Semi 1 Pump

1 GForce 12 GA Pump

1- Rock Island Armory 12 GA Pump

1- Rock Island Armory 12 Ga 2 barrel w pistol grip

1 EAA 12 Ga Pump

Ruger Security 9

S&W 380

6-Palmetto Blank Lowers

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Father's Day is fifteen days away. What better way to celebrate the love of your father but to buy him a gift certificate to Lady Liberty Gunsmithing LLC. He could purchase a firearm, ammunition, a

Good Morning All With the warmer months now here many of you are shooting more. We are fully stocked with many new handguns and tons of ammunition. Give us a call to see what we have in stock.

Happy Mother's Day from Lady Liberty Gunsmithing LLC.

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